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A celebration of student and indie created animations from filmmakers world-wide, this collection will delight and amaze you. Included are shorts plus one feature length film from the UK.

Every night, when the child sleeps peacefully, his Teddy bear must fight the monster in the closet so that it does not take him away. Eventually, Teddy's injuries and wear and tear take their toll, and he is replaced by another new toy. Since then he roams the city streets, abandoned

Jurors comments: I tried to like Good Night Mr. Ted, but nightmares are not my favorite. I would hope that my stuffed animals had my back like Mr. Ted, but I don't wish this scenario on any young child. It definitely is way too scary for younger kids, but teens would get a kick out of it.

This short black and while film creates a creepy night time ritual where a scary monster comes out of the closet every night to attack a sleeping child, but a brave teddy bear protects his human.

The concept of the film is quite clever and unique. The use of black and white is quite appropriate since it take place at night and is rather dark overall. The animation is exquisite, particularly the use of light. The story is well told and the characters are well developed. The teddy bear is quite extraordinary in every way. I particularly enjoyed the scene here he sews himself up after a night of fighting the monster. His bravery is commendable throughout. I was disappointed to see him discarded and replaced. The teddy bear was a protective warrior who gave his body to save his human. He was eventually replaced by a super hero doll that continued to fight the evil monster after teddy left. He narrowly escapes being picked up by the trash collector and his life afterwards is very film noir. The background music is excellent throughout this non-narrative film, taking us from scene to scene with enhanced emotions from the music.

Kudos to Nicolas Sole for creating such a remarkable short film that is courageous and scary at the same time. His artistry as an animator, illustrator and filmmaker shine in this film which was his graduation thesis.

The message I got from this film is “love your toys, you never know how hard they are working to keep you safe!” Parents should be aware that the fight scenes between the teddy bear and the monster are very frightening and the bar scene does show smoking and presumed alcohol use.

I give this film 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 15, plus adults. I definitely would not show it to younger kids. It is an extraordinary film that older teens will enjoyl Reviewed By Calee N. and Julie S., KIDS FIRST!

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
    No dialog
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  • Director
    Nicolas Sole Allignani
  • Screenwriter
    Nicolas Sole Allignani
  • Producer
    Nicolas Sole Allignani