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A celebration of student and indie created animations from filmmakers world-wide, this collection will delight and amaze you. Included are shorts plus one feature length film from the UK.

Two little mice build a cardboard rocket ship to go to the moon. Why you ask? Well for the cheese of course! However, they are captured by Moon Men and must work together to escape. It's a light hearted and fun filled animated adventure!

Juror comment: This short animated music video is about two mice that make a cardboard box and travel to space to get cheese. When they are in space Moon Men spot them and they aren't thrilled that the mice are there. So, they capture them and now the mice need to find a way to escape and get back home.

The music and animation are both very enjoyable. The animation is bright and colorful and well executed. The storyline is fantastical and fun. There is no dialogue in the film so the images tell the story without words and it’s enhanced by the background music which really stand outs. The music plays throughout the entire film and some people may just enjoy listening to the upbeat music. It’s amazing how much takes place in two and a half minutes. The locations are cool, starting on earth when the mice are building their spaceship, to lift off, traveling in space, and landing on the moon. The characters are fun and whimsical, especially the Moon Men which look like green surface-living octopi or something similar. The space shots here are quite different from space in real life. One thing that stands out to me about the moon in the film is that the whole place is it made up of cheese, which is what drew the mice there. The floor is made of cheese; the craters are made of cheese; everything is made of cheese.

The director, Jack Getschman has been making movies since he was five years old and has had experiences in almost every field of production. During his time in college, Jack became interested in animation and plans to make his own! He graduated with a BA degree in film from Santa Fe University of Art and Design and is currently writing some animated pilots for competitions. The producers are Lucas A. Ferrara and Jason John Cicalese. The music director is Alastair Adams and the head of animation is Adam Bohorquez. Together they make an awesome team. My favorite part of the film is that it shows kids the value of working together and what you can get from it.

The message of this film is about working together. While the two mice were captured they worked together to escape and get back home.

I give A Journey to the Moon 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 3 to 7. Reviewed by Giana N. and Julie S., KIDS FIRST!

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Jack Getschman
  • Screenwriter
    Jack Getschman
  • Producer
    Jack Getschman, Lucas Ferrara, Jasoon John Cicalese
  • Animator
    Adam Bohorquez
  • Music
    Alastair Adams