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(Ages 3-10) Kenya, a bold five-year-old girl, is reluctantly dragged to a symphony by her mother. Through the power of the orchestra, the young girl's passion for music blossoms before her own eyes.
(Ages 4-12) Sometimes, if you want to become a hero, you just have to fly. Innovative handmade embroidery animation.
(Ages 4-7) Leo the Lion is a children's animated cartoon about the travels and adventures of Leo the lion cub, Syoma the leopard. and Pandochka the bear Panda cub.
(Ages 4-8) Longing to be an adventurer like his father, young Yendor sets off into the wild country, alone. Will his skill and wit be enough to get him home again?
(Ages 4-14) In the Alatau mountains of Kazakhstan, four neighbors and friends, Maral, Bulan, Suyr and Insin are preparing for the Nauryz Festival, marking the beginning of spring and the Persian New Year. The four build an altybakan swing and are looking forward to eating special Nauryz kozhe, but Maral, Suyr. and Insin’s impatience nearly ruin the holiday.
(Ages 5-11) Join Zamzoom, an enthusiastic space animal and his partner, Orbie, on an uproarious intergalactic expedition to Earth.
(Ages 5-13) Humans possess a totem that gives them control of their imagination. When a gamusino steals Ruben’s totem, his son Hugo goes on a quest and confronts the creature to restore his father's vitality.
(Ages 8-12) In this world, there are dogs with superpowers called 'PotenDogs’. PotenDogs are divided into two groups: ‘Podongnet’ dream of peaceful coexistence with humans, and ‘Goldfangs’ hold a grudge against all mankind.
(Ages 8-18) In the middle of the night, Sarah wakes up to go to the bathroom. As she leaves her room, she finds herself alone in the dark hallway, and it is really creepy.
(Ages 12-15) Every night, when the child sleeps peacefully, his Teddy bear must fight the monster in the closet so that it does not take him away.
(Ages 12-18) Based on the picture book, "Bluebird" by Bob Staake, the film follows a sad little boy going about his sad day until a bluebird flies into his life. Things look up until a darn turnaround happens.
(Ages 12-18) A twisted fairy tale with a hint of Edgar Allan Poe and a dash of Edward Gorey featuring the vocal talents of Claire Foy as the narrator.
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12 animated films • 1h47m • Various Age Groups

Award-winning animation from the US, UK, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Canada, Spain, Korea, and Japan.

Kenya, a bold five-year-old girl, is reluctantly dragged to a symphony by her mother. Through the power of the orchestra, the young girl's passion for music blossoms before her own eyes.

Juror's comments: The short animated film Kenya's Symphony is completely engrossing. I found myself unable to look away. The main character, Kenya, is relatable and fascinating, and the story is well-plotted. The music is alluring and pretty.

The storyline is about a young girl going to a symphony and gaining a passion for music.

I like the storyline. It’s engaging and fun. At times, the story could be thrilling, and the entire movie is abuzz with excitement from start to finish. The story is also extremely compelling, especially the scene where the young girl discovers a passion for music.

The 2D animation is excellent, very simple, but it fits the story. One specific shot that impressed me is the scene where Kenya first discovers her passion for music. The color scheme uses tones that accentuate the brown skin of Kenya and the mostly white skin of the musicians. The film had two sets, one outside and one inside the auditorium. Classical music drives the film. Kenya’s antics as she from using a spitball gun to finally discovering her passion for the music is all well delivered. There are two main characters in the film, the mother and Kenya, her young daughter who is spunky and spirited. There is no dialogue, but lots of music, which is excellent and well-chosen. My favorite part of the film is the scene where the little girl discovers her passion for music. It is so exciting and the music scoring at the moment is beautiful.

I give Kenya's Symphony 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 3 to 10. This film will play at any festival geared for youth and families and qualifies as an African-American special interest topic. Reviewed by Sandrine A., KIDS FIRST! Juror.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Carlos Douglas Jr
  • Producer
    Carlos Douglas Jr
  • Animator
    Carlos Douglas Jr., Micha Rogers, Helen Grimes, Francesco Porcello, Cass Romero, Sean Carter, Paul Kritikos, Lilian Mayumi Bermas, Carlos Douglas Jr., Daniel Dinh, Emilio Malagon
  • Composer
    Michael Van Bodegom Smith
  • Sound Design
    Ryan Felberbaum, Emilee Q Brackenbury,