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In anticipation of this year's Outfronts, we invite you to check out the exciting panels from the program's first year - highlighting some of our favorite queer and trans shows, television creatives, and more from 2021!

Pride Month’s not over yet! Celebrate with the LGBTQ+ stars of HBO Max’s critically acclaimed comedy series Hacks as they joke about releasing the extended Selena Gomez cut of the show, discuss what makes LGBTQ+ representation realistic onscreen, remark on how Hacks’ diversity feels so natural that it hasn’t been labeled a “queer show,” debate why the LGBTQ+ community has historically loved older female icons, and share what they hope happens for their characters in season two. Hannah Einbinder (“Ava”), Carl Clemons-Hopkins (“Marcus”), Poppy Liu (“Kiki”) and Johnny Sibilly (“Wilson”) feature on the panel, which is moderated by Harper’s Bazaar’s Nojan Aminosharei.

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    42 minutes