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In anticipation of this year's Outfronts, we invite you to check out the exciting panels from the program's first year - highlighting some of our favorite queer and trans shows, television creatives, and more from 2021!

Amazon Prime’s YA thriller series about a disparate group of young women stranded on an island following a plane crash - and the devious plot to keep them there - garnered a vocal fan base this past year, particular for its intricately drawn queer characters who explored issues of coming out vs. living proudly, and the intersection of queer and indigenous identities. The creators and stars of the show discuss the thrill of getting to create and embody such diverse and unique characters.

Featured Talent: Sarah Streicher (Creator/Executive Producer), Amy B. Harris (Executive Producer/Showrunner), Mia Healey (Cast, Shelby Goodkind), Erana James (Cast, Toni Shalifoe), moderated by journalist Jill Gutowitz.

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    41 minutes