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In anticipation of this year's Outfronts, we invite you to check out the exciting panels from the program's first year - highlighting some of our favorite queer and trans shows, television creatives, and more from 2021!

In the documentary Disclosure, actor Jen Richards memorably examined the legacy of transphobia that emerged from the infamous Silence of the Lambs character Buffalo Bill. Following that powerful statement, she was brought on as a consultant, and ultimately as a guest star, on CBS’ Clarice to address the character’s complicated history. In this panel, Richards is joined by Clarice’s star, showrunner, and writers to discuss their crafting of the show’s fascinating new storyline.

Featured Talent: Jen Richards, Rebecca Breeds, Elizabeth Klaviter (showrunner), Eleanor Jean (writer), moderated by Sam Feder (director of Disclosure)

  • Year
  • Runtime
    40 minutes