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In places where the nine heavens of the Gods kiss the sea turning it into fire - in places where the Gods inhabit the forests, mountains and dephts of the oceans - Ma´o has been living there - a divine nature. This empire of the ocean was known as Hawaiki - I have come to call it Sharydelity. Even if this fire has almost gone out in this day and age, this myth will keep blazing at the bottom of the oceans - let us keep alive together the fascination of Ma´o myth. Ma´o => Shark in Tahitian language Hawaiki => Is the Māori name for the mythical land where some Polynesian cultures trace their origins and ancestry.

  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    French Polynesia
  • Director
    Alfred Schaschl
  • Screenwriter
    Alfred Schaschl
  • Producer
    Alfred Schaschl