San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition 2023

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What is the true essence of Nature? In what way are we interconnected with it? Eddy, the protagonist of this story, explores an uncontaminated corner of the world and understands that everything on this planet is interconnected, and that humans are just a link in the chain that connects all things. Only when we free ourselves from our mentality of "dominant man" will we understand that Nature is the result of all relationships. Through free diving, Eddy approaches the deep and mysterious world of the ocean, perceiving the extraordinary complexity and power of the interconnections between living elements in symbiosis, both aquatic and terrestrial. Like the communities that populate these environments, often in perfect harmony with the ocean itself, which represent an example of life in relation to nature, and can provide valuable lessons on how to protect and conserve this invaluable asset. Eddy's sensitivity, in her search for understanding and connection with the natural world, could inspire many to take care of relationships as if they were precious corals, to capture the beauty of life and feel the energy of nature flowing in everything. It is time to consider Nature as an integral part of ourselves and to call ourselves by its same name.

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    Giannandrea Carpanzano
  • Screenwriter
    Giannandrea Carpanzano
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    Giannandrea Carpanzano