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Volle Bors (BARE)

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Eva, a young poet in her 20’s, sits in a genetic counsellor’s office feeling overwhelmed by the possibility that she may have an extremely high risk of breast cancer due to her family history.

She tests positive and is confronted with the idea of having a mastectomy. Removing her breasts while they are still healthy, in order to drastically reduce her risk of cancer.

Eva is swamped by the decision and the anticipation of losing her breasts. Her sprightly best friend, Hannelie, and her loving fiancé, Daniel, try to support her. However their interactions and suggestions are triggering. The world around Eva associates breasts with sexuality, breastfeeding and attractiveness - something that this surgery directly threatens.

She retreats into herself and avoids confronting the issue. The poetry festival approaches and Eva is in the spotlight. But has she waited too long to make a decision?

  • Year
  • Runtime
    20 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    South Africa
  • Rating
  • Genre
  • Subtitle Language
  • Awards
    BEST SCORE, Edward George King, Silwerskermfees 2023 Nomination for Best Actress, Marguerite van Eeden, Silwerskermfees 2023
  • Social Media
  • Director
    Gabriella Blumberg
  • Producer
    Jordy Sank, Christiaan Ho-tong
  • Cinematographer
    Esther Badenhorst
  • Editor
    Esther Badenhorst