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Join us at SPARK FX this year for the AI IN VFX stream, where we dive into the different ways that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used in the VFX industry. This stream will showcase various phases of the production pipeline which includes how AI can be used to improve the workflow of artists and filmmakers, to allow them to produce higher quality content in a faster/cost-effective way and remain competitive in an ever changing market.

Examples of topics include the use of AI as a tool to help artists with photo-realistic human face generation and control, cloth simulations, character rigging and animation, augmented reality VFX, and even asking the AI itself to be creative.

Included in this stream:

  • AI in Real-Time Humans for Games & Film
  • Deep Body IK & Machine Learning for Rigging & Animation
  • Real-Time Data-Driven Character Clothing
  • AI, AR, & FX: The Kayfabe Life
  • Creative Artificial Intelligence & Movie Making: The Artist in the Loop

Discover how machine learning & AI research is merging blockbuster-quality CGI with the game industry's leading real-time productions environments. Attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look into the photo-real and scalable virtual human face technology used on massive AAA titles of 2021. As well, see in real-time, how new video footage can be used to drive a machine-learned face in Unreal Engine.


James Jacobs

Co-Founder & CEO // Ziva Dynamics

Ziva Co-founder & CEO, James Jacobs, is an Academy Award-winning VFX artist with over 25 years of expertise as a Technical Director and Software Engineer. James has held leadership positions at the world’s top VFX and animation studios, including Weta Digital, Digital Domain, Dreamworks, Mr. X, and Method Studios. He has received critical acclaim for his professional contributions to blockbusters such as Avatar, Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Prometheus, and King Kong.

In 2015, Jacobs co-founded Ziva Dynamics, a technology company dedicated to solving the most challenging and high-value character obstacles within the media & entertainment space. Ziva technology is considered the gold standard for creature work across Hollywood, and now, Ziva is tackling the real-time game industry.

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