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UCLAxFilmFest 2021
All We Know About IAN
A socially distanced man meets a socially famous girl unexpectedly. IAN is never forgotten.
A woman’s worst nightmare comes to life when the man sitting next to her won’t turn his phone to Airplane Mode.
In a world that’s both regressive and cruel, Ayesha, an independent gay woman, takes a stand for herself. Only this time, it’s her own blood she has to confront.
Hello, my Sweet Boy
A bisexual man in his thirties comes out to his mother who suffers from dementia.
Run Free
After a Black country singer is offered the chance to sing the National Anthem at the high school football state championship, he is forced to choose between career and cause.
Champ 5
Rita Willey, a lifelong resident of Rockland, Maine, tells of her work in the sardine canneries and her pursuit of the title of World’s Fastest Sardine Packer.
Two bartenders with contrasting styles struggle to coexist in this mockumentary peek into L.A.’s hottest new cocktail lounge.
Red Watch
In this spoken-word short film, a woman recites an unrequited goodbye to her ex-boyfriend’s red watch.
No Human Being is Illegal
Juan Constantino is a Dreamer who witnessed the struggles of achieving the American dream. Now he gives back to a new generation of immigrants in the revitalized Indiana city of South Bend.
Stranger in the Closet
A man is startled when his girlfriend tells him there is something in the closet. When he goes to investigate, he discovers that things are not as they seem.
A Poem from YiQing
A reclusive painter is forced to free herself by her subconscious through sleepwalk. The subconscious is influenced by the memories of her past life, poet YiQing, who also pursues self salvation.
Bathroom Window
In the lonely times of self-isolation, one woman finds an unlikely connection through her bathroom window.
Meeting Mavis
After talking to a man on the computer for two years, a difficult older woman decides it's finally time to meet in person.
A medical resident and DACA recipient travels on a medical volunteer mission and is blocked on her re-entry to the United States because of a parole officer’s mistake.
The Outcoming
When 17-year-old Sam finally works up the courage to come out to her conservative parents as a lesbian, she is met with an unexpected positive reaction. Is it too positive to be true?
After learning of her former lover’s passing, a young woman is reunited with his presence while she struggles to let him go.
Don't Leave Me (No Me Abandones)
A man struggles with profound grief and addiction after his wife's death. An overdose leads him through a series of dreams and leads to the discovery of his life's purpose.
Love in Times of Quarantine
When Roy falls in love with Mandy in a work zoom meeting, he needs to make his move discreetly, so the bosses won't notice that his attention lies elsewhere.
Beauty and the East
A short fairy tale about the intersection of race and gender.
The Only Beautiful Thing
Sinatra, a pitbull, just graduated from a training program that pairs rescue dogs and prison inmates. Nikki and her partner Margaux agree to foster Sinatra but we soon find out this act of generosity comes with strings attached. Can the women's relationship survive what this new arrival brings up?
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UCLAxFilmFest celebrates UCLA Extension student filmmakers from around the world.

A crying baby. A smelly seatmate. Any of these things are possible during air travel. But have you ever sat next to a person who won’t turn their phone to Airplane Mode? Yeah. This one’s for you.

  • Runtime
  • Director
    Jessica Redish
  • Screenwriter
    Jessica Redish
  • Producer
    Jessica Redish