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A Matter of Time
During the large-scale demolition and construction going on in a small town in China, an independent and empty-nest grandma who is in the early stage of Alzheimer’s confronts the pressure of moving into a local public nursing home persuaded by her daughter.
A writer returns to his rural hometown and is confronted with the people he has exploited for profit.
Two irreverent millennials use a ouija board to try to contact the spirit of their dead cat, but accidentally summon the ghost of Jesus Christ instead.
A modern, Mongolian woman returns to her grandfather’s yurt on the prairie to mourn her father’s death, only to spar with her grandfather over her need to bond with her late father’s horse.
Those People
When Amanda finds out that she’s pregnant, she’s not as enthusiastic as her partner, Andrew, about the news. What ensues is a debate over the ethics of parenthood in an age of decay and dystopia.
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A Sense of Joy
A cantankerous musician endeavours to break a magical curse by passing on a sense of joy to others; something he’s innately terrible at.
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Imelda and Luis
Young twins, Imelda and Luis, only have each other to fulfill their dreams, she wants to be a nun and he wants to be a girl, neither of which seems possible.
Found Family
Found Family follows teenager Elyse trying to navigate coming out to her homophobic parents and wanting to meet her long distance girlfriend for the first time.
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The Wish
When a young meteoroid is separated from his parents, he searches for his place among the stars, but ends up discovering a greater purpose in the eyes of a little girl.
The Studio Assistant
A prominent painter's assistant plots her revenge when the painter claims credit for the assistant's stunning creations.
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From the Inside
After having survived a war in her country, an innocent Syrian girl finds that she has to fight another war in order to survive where it seemed to be her salvation: the refugee camps in Greece.
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The lives of one family are put on the line when a drug lord comes for what he’s owed.
Light On
In Los Angeles, a young French woman is getting ready for the rendez-vous of her dreams.
The Death of a Know Man
After the death of his wife, Alejandro contends with existential emptiness as he fights himself to stay alive.
Fight for the Future
In an alien world, two prisoners of war with opposing goals fight to return to earth.
When an austere teacher gives her pregnant student advice about her future, she doesn't realize how close to home the consequences will hit.
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A child tries to remember his mother while his father hides the terrible truth about her.
Oh No! A Computer
Technology and old age intersect, leaving room for confused humor.
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Zabezoo. Ears N' Tail
Animated childrens' stories about a girl who is learning to embrace her identity.
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After his stubborn father suffers a stroke, a sensitive son becomes his temporary caretaker, and the tensions of their estranged relationship come to the surface.
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