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The thirty-year acting career of the late Yuki Shimoda reflects the achievement and career disappointments that faced the minority actor. Only offered limited roles by the Hollywood establishment during certain points of his career, Shimoda persevered on for challenging dramatic roles, such as in the television movie, FAREWELL TO MANZANAR. Shimoda’s journey from Sacramento’s “J-Town,” to his imprisonment in an American concentration camp, and his experiences on Broadway and Hollywood are insightfully explored through interviews and selected clips from his film and television work. Among those interviewed include directors Harold Prince and John Korty; actors Mako, Beulah Quo, Nobu McCarthy, Soon Tek Oh; and agent Guy Lee.

The 30-year acting career of the late Yuki Shimoda reflected the achievements, limited opportunities and career disappointments that have continued to confront Asian American actors. This project (funded in part by a donation from the Screen Actors Guild, Equal Employment Opportunity Committee) included interviews with entertainment industry pioneers: Shimoda, Beulah Quo, Momo Yashima, Mako, Nobu McCarthy, Soon Teck Oh, and agent Guy Lee of the Bessie Loo Agency.

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    6 minutes
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    United States
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  • Director
    John Esaki