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Like the Ones I Used to Know
Christmas 1983. Julie and her cousins ate too much sugar, Santa is late. Denis is anxious at the idea of picking up his children at his ex-in-law’s.
Your Street
How do we commemorate the victims of history whose stories trigger pain and guilt?
Struggling to make it in a big city, a young artist finds herself retreating into the rose-tinted memories of the village she left behind.
The Cutters Cycling Team has one of the greatest legacies in intramural sports. Inspired by an 1970s film and sponsored by national brands, the IU students who compete with the team show the utmost dedication and passion for their craft.
Close Ties to Home Country
Millennial immigrant Akanksha waits for her sister’s visit from India (they haven’t seen each other in nine years!) Meanwhile, she’s dogsitting the fancy Frenchie of Instagram influencers India and Harry, who themselves are on a trip to India’s namesake.
A Concerto is a Conversation
A virtuoso jazz pianist and film composer tracks his family's lineage through his 91-year-old grandfather from Jim Crow Florida to the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
Sophie and Jacob
Inspired by the true story of how my great-grandparents met and fell in love as refugees from the holocaust, Sophie and Jacob is a personal testimony of the bonds of love found in a time of unimaginable suffering.
The Thing That Ate The Birds
On the North Yorkshire Moors, Abel, Head Gamekeeper, discovers the thing that is eating his grouse.
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After his father gets into a fight at a bowling alley, Darious begins to investigate the limitations of his own manhood.
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A lonely American faces unrequited love on a farm commune in the south of France.
Against the prosaic background of a swimming course, a young Yezidi wrestles quietly with her fearsome memories of the Mediterranean Sea.
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Love Is Just A Death Away
A tender story about finding love even amid utter decay.
MTXE: Mental Toughness Xtra Effort
A portrait of two Indianapolis High School wrestlers, who face incredible challenges beyond the mat.
The true story of an escapee from a Victorian Asylum who returns home to find the family she meets isn’t who she hoped for.
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5 Years from Water
Upon retirement, Mike Danesi's dream was to build a boat to sail across the ocean. 19 years later he's still working on it, though he believes he's only 5 years away from fulfilling his dream.
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No Human Being is Illegal
Juan Constantino is a Dreamer who witnessed the struggles of achieving the American dream. Now he gives back to a new generation of immigrants in the revitalized Indiana city of South Bend.

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The Winners

Grand Prize for Narrative Short / Oscar Qualification ($5,000)

  • Like the Ones I Used to Know

Grand Prize for Documentary Short / Oscar Qualification ($5,000)

  • Your Street

Grand Prize for Animated Short / Oscar Qualification ($5,000)

  • Homebird

Indiana Spotlight Award ($1,500)

  • Cutters

Comedy Award ($1,000)

  • Close Ties to Home Country

Jenni Berebitsky Legacy Award ($1,800)

  • A Concerto is a Conversation

Summer White Lynch Memorial Award (High School Film Competition Grand Prize, $2,000)

  • Sophie and Jacob

Heartland Horror Award ($1,000)

  • The Thing That Ate the Birds

Directorial Debut Award ($1,000)

  • Bruiser

Narrative Student Short Award ($1,000)

  • Plaisir

Documentary Student Short Award ($1,000)

  • Seahorse

Animated Student Short Award ($1,000)

  • Love is Just a Death Away

Indiana Spotlight Student Short Award ($1,000)

  • MTXE: Mental Toughness Xtra Effort

High School Film Competition Narrative Winner ($500)

  • Beth

High School Film Competition Documentary Winner ($500)

  • 5 Years from Water

High School Film Competition Animated Winner ($500)

  • Sophie and Jacob

High School Film Competition Indiana Winner ($500)

  • No Human Being Is Illegal

December 24, 1983, 10:50 p.m.; Julie and her cousins ate too much sugar, Santa Claus is late and Denis, alone in his car, is anxious at the idea of setting foot in his ex-in-law's house to pick up his children. Les grandes claques is an early coming-of-age story that is as squeaky as it is poetic.

In French-Canadian, with English subtitles.

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Justine Baillargeon


  • Year
  • Runtime
    18 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Rating
    Suitable for All Ages
  • Note
    Narrative Short
  • Director
    Annie St-Pierre
  • Screenwriter
    Annie St-Pierre
  • Producer
    Fanny Drew, Sarah Mannering
  • Executive Producer
    Fanny Drew, Sarah Mannering
  • Cast
    Steve Laplante, Lilou Roy-Lanouette, Larissa Corriveau, Amélie Grenier