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"Lunar Maria" is the story of a family who believed there were once 

seas on the moon. Shizuko, the protagonist, cares for her mother-in-law suffering from advanced dementia. She is struggling to revive her former loving relationship with her mother-in-law who has even forgotten her name but unable to do so, physically and mentally exhausted and isolated from her surroundings. We confronted the desperate reality of long-term care.

Our country, with its emphasis on market logic, has a long history of neglecting the external costs of disposing with waste products. The consciousness of the times is unintentionally directed at people, and old people are stripped even of their dignity. The labor of nurturing human life and assisting with death is dealt with dismissively, revealing all the limits of a system that keeps calling for a sustainable society.

How can we recapture the feeling of irreplaceability of the "elders " who have lived through so many changes? We worked on this movie with the desire to find hope in the ordinary bonds of a family who believed that there used to be seas on the moon, relying on the faint moonlight to illuminate the darkness and believing “happiness” is waiting at the other end.







  • Year
  • Runtime
    45 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Note
    English Subtitles
  • Director
    Koji Hagiuda
  • Screenwriter
    Akiko Iwase
  • Cast
    Akiko Iwase / Yoko Yano / Takanobu Kaneko