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Senior-level colleagues share techniques and learning tools to propel or simply refresh your skills. Meet the Masters stream is meant to inspire professional development no matter what level you are in your career. Also featured is “Our Future Masters” up-and-coming talent in the VFX industry.

Included in this stream:

  • Delivering Film Quality Visual Effects on Episodic Timelines
  • Compositing Series (5 Parts)
  • Visual Storytelling in Concept Design
  • Growing Great Leaders in VFX
  • Our Future Masters

This isn't your average 'tips and tricks!' These lectures are designed for the professional compositor and cover common gaps in standard Compositing training. Our goal is to elevate any compositor through awareness, managing CG, how the math actually works, selective stylization, and ultimately, understanding your role in the bigger picture. 

Join us for these four lectures and a panel about Compositing with our industry professionals:

1) Steps to Success

2) The Math of Comp

3) 3D Comp Integration: Best Practice

4) Selective Stylization: The Art of Imperfection

5) Knowing Your Role

Conrad Olson talks about knowing what our role as a compositor requires. He discusses why it is important to be both technical and creative, and when to know which is more important than the other.


Conrad Olson

Senior Compositor // Image Engine Design

(Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Parts 1 & 2), Deadpool, The Mandalorian, Avatar)

Conrad Olson a senior compositor who has been working on feature films and high-end TV projects since 2008. He grew up in the UK and started my VFX career at Framestore in London, after finishing the Complete Compositing course at Escape Studios.

Conrad moved to Vancouver in 2011 and has worked at most of the studios. He is currently working Image Engine Design.

Image Engine Design // conradolson.com // Twitter // LinkedIn // IMDb