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Learn the how, why, and what to do, from some of the industry’s greatest animators.

In Capturing The Heart Of A Performance, we’ll be breaking down everything that makes up a performance, the who’s, what’s, and why’s. Coming from a background in theatre and improv comedy, getting to the core of a performance and being able to communicate it clearly, is the crux of building believable scenes. We will go over tips and tools to be able to use when trying to analyze a scene and how to best act it out. Later in the presentation we will be going over my workflow in a scene and how each of the principles can apply to thinking and developing a truthful and entertaining performance.


Ere Santos

Senior Animator // Sony Pictures Imageworks

Ere has worked all over the world in studios including Pixar, Cinesite, DNEG, Jellyfish, and MPC. He is currently a Senior Animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks on the upcoming sequel to Spiderman Into the Spiderverse. Having worked in a variety of styles ranging from ultra-realistic to ultra-cartoony, Ere uses his solid grasp of entertainment and performance as a central role in every single one of his jobs from a professional right down to a creative standpoint.


Ere started his journey by self-teaching himself animation for many years before studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Trinity Western University in Vancouver, Canada. Powered by his love of film, computers, and performance, he continued to teach himself alongside his degree and after years of painstaking effort, he was accepted into an animation internship at Pixar Animation Studios, where he truly started to hone his skills as an animator.