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The Realtime Summit is all about exploring the possibilities of real-time creation. We've curated a range of leading voices from a diverse selection of disciplines to help paint a vivid picture when it comes to the use of these kinds of technologies. From on-set motion capture to immersive concert productions to high-level “what’s next” group conversations - we've gathered some of the best minds to share their stories, pique curiosities, and encourage exploration on the topic. 

We’ve curated this summit to be a meeting-of-the-minds; folks who can ask real questions and have genuine conversations about the subject matter, ultimately expanding on the impacts of how this kind of tech affects the creative industries.

In this stream:

  • Intro to Realtime Summit
  • The Next Frontier of Design: BrioXR
  • Virtual Production in British Columbia
  • Virtual Production Crash Course for Indie Filmmakers
  • Virtual Prediction: The Future of Filmmaking and VFX
  • DEMO: Directing a Virtual Real-Time Scene
  • Real-Time Applications in the Music Industry
  • Experiences from On-Set Virtual Production Tech
  • Cassini Logs
  • Stop-Motion by Virtual Production
  • CTO to CTO: A Fireside Chat
  • The Future of Storytelling Using Virtual Production
  • Youth in Tech: Real-Time VFX, Animation & Visual Storytelling

Virtual and real-time production techniques are clearly revolutionizing the movie-making process. What is British Columbia doing to ensure it establishes and maintains a position at the forefront of this revolution? Are we doing enough? What more can we be doing? Does Virtual Production make movie-making less or more accessible for newcomers to the industry? Are we doing what we need to in order to ensure our talent is capable of meeting new challenges?

This panel explores the opportunities and challenges represented by Virtual Production in British Columbia.

Presented by AMPD Technologies.


Anthony Brown

Founder // AMPD

Anthony Brown has been an entrepreneur and digital media infrastructure pioneer in Canada for nearly two decades. In 2001, Anthony co-founded Seven Group, a technology integrator with a focus on supercomputing, data management, and digital media. Seven Group rapidly became the leading integrator for technology infrastructure for animation, visual effects, and video game studios in Canada and around the world. Anthony was subsequently co-founder and CEO of Infinite Game Publishing, publishers of the highly successful MechWarrior Online. Anthony founded AMPD in April 2015 to combine his expertise and passion for technology, digital media, and high-performance computing.

AMPD Technologies // LinkedIn

Matt Welford

Director of Virtual Production, Creative Director // Versatile Media

(The Water Man, The Hunt, Locke & Key, For All Mankind)

Matt Welford has over 25 years of experience in VFX Supervision, Creative Design, Character Development, On-set Supervision, Shoot Planning, Virtual Production, Unreal Engine, Previz, Mocap, Compositing Supervision, Color Management, Stereoscopic pipeline development, tools, and workflow design. His expertise in virtual production techniques and processes stretches back to the days before virtual production was actually called virtual production, working with Mill Film (Tomb Raider), Weta Digital (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, Avatar etc.), Sony Pictures Imageworks (Suicide Squad, Spiderman: Homecoming etc.), and most recently as Head of Studio, Vancouver, at Pixomondo (For All Mankind, The Water Man etc.).

He recently joined Versatile Media, a rapidly growing new Vancouver-based studio specializing in real-time and virtual production, as Director of Virtual Production / Creative Director.


Nancy Basi

Board of Directors // Liquid Media Group

(Red Dawn, RED, Salt, The Last Airbender)

Nancy Basi is a Media + Entertainment veteran with 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. As the Executive Director for the Vancouver Economic Commission, Nancy worked strategically to promote, grow and support the digital entertainment and interactive industries for the City of Vancouver and regional areas.

Her career in economic development focused on the full spectrum of screen-based entertainment including film, VFX, animation, games, post-production, music, VR/AR, and eSports. Her unique 360-degree perspective when applied to trade, investment and talent initiatives, developed new ecosystems and cross-sectoral opportunities enabling sector and job growth.

Prior to accepting her position at the VEC Nancy spent 20 years in the film, television and commercial industry in physical production, visual effects and animation as Studio manager, executive producer, and producer. Clients included Sony/Columbia, Warner Bros, Nike, Mercedes, 20th Century Fox, and Disney.

LinkedIn // IMDb