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The Realtime Summit is all about exploring the possibilities of real-time creation. We've curated a range of leading voices from a diverse selection of disciplines to help paint a vivid picture when it comes to the use of these kinds of technologies. From on-set motion capture to immersive concert productions to high-level “what’s next” group conversations - we've gathered some of the best minds to share their stories, pique curiosities, and encourage exploration on the topic. 

We’ve curated this summit to be a meeting-of-the-minds; folks who can ask real questions and have genuine conversations about the subject matter, ultimately expanding on the impacts of how this kind of tech affects the creative industries.

In this stream:

  • Intro to Realtime Summit
  • The Next Frontier of Design: BrioXR
  • Virtual Production in British Columbia
  • Virtual Production Crash Course for Indie Filmmakers
  • Virtual Prediction: The Future of Filmmaking and VFX
  • DEMO: Directing a Virtual Real-Time Scene
  • Real-Time Applications in the Music Industry
  • Experiences from On-Set Virtual Production Tech
  • Cassini Logs
  • Stop-Motion by Virtual Production
  • CTO to CTO: A Fireside Chat
  • The Future of Storytelling Using Virtual Production
  • Youth in Tech: Real-Time VFX, Animation & Visual Storytelling

In this special SparkFX panel for youth audiences, three artists from Shocap Entertainment will share behind-the-scenes and present recent company work in real-time motion capture, animation, and visual effects for live and virtual performances. Each of the artists will also present selected work from their personal portfolio, and take questions about their different education choices and career paths to date. They will also speak about the shifts they see in VFX, animation, filmmaking, and visual storytelling due to virtual production techniques. 


Emily Cho

Environment Artist // Unreal

Emily Cho holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts with a Major in Visual Arts from the University of British Columbia and a Diploma for Environment Design for Games at Think Tank Training Centre.

Pablo Enrique Cárdenas Viera

Technical Artist // Unreal

Pablo is a Virtual Production, VR/AR Developer, Mocap Technician, and Mobile Developer. He holds a Bachelor’s of Animation and Digital Arts from Tecnológico de Monterrey, a Diploma in VR/AR Design and Development from the Vancouver Film School.

I-Chia Hsu

3D Technical Artist & Indie Game Developer

I-Chia has been working on many feature animation films and has published multiple mobile games on both iOS and Android. Experience includes roles at Kabam, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Dreamworks.

I-Chia holds a Bachelor of Science from the National Tsing Hua University (Engineering) and a Master of Science in Digital Images and Design from New York University.