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The Realtime Summit is all about exploring the possibilities of real-time creation. We've curated a range of leading voices from a diverse selection of disciplines to help paint a vivid picture when it comes to the use of these kinds of technologies. From on-set motion capture to immersive concert productions to high-level “what’s next” group conversations - we've gathered some of the best minds to share their stories, pique curiosities, and encourage exploration on the topic. 

We’ve curated this summit to be a meeting-of-the-minds; folks who can ask real questions and have genuine conversations about the subject matter, ultimately expanding on the impacts of how this kind of tech affects the creative industries.

In this stream:

  • Intro to Realtime Summit
  • The Next Frontier of Design: BrioXR
  • Virtual Production in British Columbia
  • Virtual Production Crash Course for Indie Filmmakers
  • Virtual Prediction: The Future of Filmmaking and VFX
  • DEMO: Directing a Virtual Real-Time Scene
  • Real-Time Applications in the Music Industry
  • Experiences from On-Set Virtual Production Tech
  • Cassini Logs
  • Stop-Motion by Virtual Production
  • CTO to CTO: A Fireside Chat
  • The Future of Storytelling Using Virtual Production
  • Youth in Tech: Real-Time VFX, Animation & Visual Storytelling

This session acts as a virtual backstage pass as we bring together some of the main creatives in the immersive concert space to share their experiences of creating in real-time. 


John MacInnes

(Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare)

Award-winning writer, producer, director of movies, games, VR and AR. John's career in all things virtual started when as a screenwriter he was hired to write Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, the biggest selling game of 2014.

Since 2015 he has been working exclusively with the Unreal Engine and has been the recipient of multiple Epic Games Mega Grants for is work with digital human characters.

Macinness Studios // Facebook // LinkedIn // IMDb

Ollie Rankin


(Lost Horizon Festival, The Good Doctor, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Alice Through the Looking Glass)

Ollie Rankin is a NZ-Canadian virtual reality and visual effects pioneer who spent two decades working at the forefront of the global film industry, from the Lord of the Rings to Alice Through the Looking Glass. He combines this history of creative achievement with a background in computer programming and AI to develop new narrative conventions for immersive, interactive media. In 2020 he was inducted into the Unreal Virtual Production Fellowship and worked as creative producer and technical director of Lost Horizon Festival, the world’s first multi-day, multi-stage fully virtual music and arts festival. Previously, Rankin wrote and directed the interactive VR experience, Downloaded, which premiered at the Venice Biennale in 2019 and was listed among Forbes’ top 50 XR experiences of the year. He is an activist for diversity, fairness and sustainability. In his spare time Ollie is a poet, musician, comedian and adventurer.

Pasensory.com // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // LinkedIn // IMDb

Tim Dillon

SVP Growth // MediaMonks

(Pokemon x Post Malone, Unreal Futures, Klarna Playing for Keeps)

Tim Dillon is SVP Growth at MediaMonks. Previously Head of Immersive Content, Executive Producer & Creative Producer with two decades of experience exploring interactivity, experiential, immersive, emerging tech, design, animation, and digital. For the best part of the last decade, Tim helmed the Immersive team at MPC (Moving Picture Company) as Head of VR & Immersive Content, leading a group focused on creating experiences for Film, TV, Brands, Music, Art and Social Good. Tim has produced experiential and interactive projects working with the best interactive talent for clients such as Coca Cola, Google, Wieden + Kennedy, and VICE. 

Tim is a vocal advocate for the immersive power of mixed reality and is well-versed in public speaking, featuring on panels at AICP, Sundance, SXSW, CES, Tribeca, and many more. Tim has been instrumental in the development and production of many notable projects including The Last Goodbye (Tribeca 2017, Venice 2017, FoST), Justin Timerlake’s Montana Holodome Experience (MoPop Seattle), LEGION Sessions (Comic-Con SD 2017), Heroes (Sundance 2017), Night Night (Dark Corner Co-prod), Kygo Carry Me (Sony Music PlayStation Launch), Chainsmokers Lost In Music Experience (Sony Music), Nature Conservancy This is Our Future, Google TiltBrush Launch, Passengers VR (Sony Pictures), The Martian VR (Fox), Goosebumps VR (Sony Pictures), U2 VR and horror fan favorite Catatonic (Dark Corner). Just to mention a few.

Tim has worked across the globe and continuously pursues social impact through his work with NGOs including the Nature Conservancy, USC Shoah Foundation and the UN.

Media Monks

Alan Smithson

Co-Founder // MetaVRse

(Emulator Touchscreen Performance System, MetaVRse Studio, MetaVRse Engine, Your Director AI)

Alan Smithson is the Co-Founder of MetaVRse, a universal, web-based 3D creation platform that enables anyone to leverage the power of spatial computing. He is a proud Father, Business Leader, TEDx Speaker, and Podcast Host.

Previous to MetaVRse, Mr. Smithson invented the World’s first touchscreen DJ system, Emulator - featured on Dragons’ Den and winning DJ Mag’s Innovative Product of the Year in 2011. He is an Independent Global Advisor on the Business of XR to a select group of the world's largest companies, chief investment advisors, and ultra-high net worth family offices.

MetaVRse // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // LinkedIn // IMDb