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The Realtime Summit is all about exploring the possibilities of real-time creation. We've curated a range of leading voices from a diverse selection of disciplines to help paint a vivid picture when it comes to the use of these kinds of technologies. From on-set motion capture to immersive concert productions to high-level “what’s next” group conversations - we've gathered some of the best minds to share their stories, pique curiosities, and encourage exploration on the topic. 

We’ve curated this summit to be a meeting-of-the-minds; folks who can ask real questions and have genuine conversations about the subject matter, ultimately expanding on the impacts of how this kind of tech affects the creative industries.

In this stream:

  • Intro to Realtime Summit
  • The Next Frontier of Design: BrioXR
  • Virtual Production in British Columbia
  • Virtual Production Crash Course for Indie Filmmakers
  • Virtual Prediction: The Future of Filmmaking and VFX
  • DEMO: Directing a Virtual Real-Time Scene
  • Real-Time Applications in the Music Industry
  • Experiences from On-Set Virtual Production Tech
  • Cassini Logs
  • Stop-Motion by Virtual Production
  • CTO to CTO: A Fireside Chat
  • The Future of Storytelling Using Virtual Production
  • Youth in Tech: Real-Time VFX, Animation & Visual Storytelling

This session dives straight into the core issues of what the advents of real-time technologies bring to the forefront. DNEG Global Chief Technology Officer Paul Salvini joins Larry Cutler, CTO and Co-Founder at Baobab Studios leverage their industry expertise to result in an energized conversation to discuss how recent innovations in virtual production and real-time creation are shaping organizations and infrastructure across creative industries, now and into the future.

The panel will be moderated by UBC Professor and Faculty member at the Centre for Digital Media, Patrick Pennefather.


Larry Cutler

Chief Technology Officer // Baobab Studios

Larry Cutler is Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of the Emmy award-winning and leading VR animation studio Baobab Studios, whose mission is to inspire you to dream and bring out your sense of wonder. Larry brings deep technical leadership over the past 20 years in the area of animation creation and development. Larry currently serves on the Digital Imaging Technology Subcommittee for the Oscar Technical Achievement Awards. He was most recently the Vice President of Solutions at Metanautix. Prior to that, Larry spent 10 years at DreamWorks Animation where he served as Global Head of Character Tech and held several leadership positions in the areas of character development, animation workflow, rigging, and character simulation. Larry began his career at Pixar Animation Studios as a Technical Director on the films Monster’s Inc.Toy Story 2, and A Bug’s Life.

Baobab Studios // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // LinkedIn // IMDb

Paul Salvini

Global Chief Technology Officer // DNEG

As DNEG’s Global Chief Technology Officer, Paul Salvini provides strategic and technical direction to the visual effects and animation company's global technology team, based on a deep understanding of the importance of the role of technology in storytelling. 

Paul has over 25 years of experience in technology leadership roles. As CTO of SideFX, where he worked for 15 years, Paul oversaw the development of Houdini from beta onwards. As CTO of Christie Digital, he created and led the Research and Innovation and New Business Initiative departments, and an Advanced Technology Group. Most recently, Paul served as CEO of The Accelerator Centre, where he helped launch and mentor over 120 technology-based businesses working in a wide range of areas from data science, AI, computer vision, and probiotics to autonomous vehicles. 

Paul also has a strong academic research background; he holds a PhD and MASc (specializing in the computer simulation of complex systems) as well as a MBA and a BMath in Computer Science."


Patrick Pennefather

Assistant Professor // University of British Columbia

(SIGGRAPH 2020, Leonardo, EdX, Cybernetics and Human Knowing)

Dr. Patrick Parra Pennefather is a sound designer, composer, teacher, researcher and disruptor. He has mentored multi-disciplinary teams co-constructing scalable digital prototypes with over 50 companies and organizations in games, mobile dev, mixed reality, education and the arts. He’s an award-winning composer for live and screen(s), gives bad advices to dance and theatre makers in extending the reality of their physical stages and when coerced, performs. Patrick has facilitated ideation workshops for EA, Riot and Microsoft Games. He’s published multisyllabic words in the fields of Sound Design, xR, VR, MR, Bio-Medical Visualization and Agile application development. He’s an Assistant Prof at UBC Theatre and Film, a founding member of the Master of Digital Media (MDM) Program mentoring impressionable adults on real-world xR projects.

Patrick teaches sound design, improvisation, creativity management, collaborative prototyping, and project pipelines, mentors grads and undergrads on immersive technologies, co-creates and conducts research on Mixed Reality prototypes.

UBC // patrickpennefather.com // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // LinkedIn // IMDb